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If you are ready to shed unwanted weight/inches, we are ready to help. This Lipo in a bottle detox will do just that. In 15 days you WILL see results! In the first 2-5 days you will start to notice results. Everyone is different and not all results will be the same. The detox is intended to last only 15 days, but we suggest you use the meal plan continuously after to maintain or keep getting results. We recommend repeating the LipoCleanse Detox every 60-90 days.

The LipoCleanse Detox supports digestive health, helps reduce bloating, and supports weight loss.

It is very important to drink plenty of water. We recommend at least 2L of water up to 1 gallon of water per day, while taking the LipoCleanse Detox. This will help prevent cramps, discomfort, or pain.


First 48 hours lose 2-5 pounds of compacted waste by drinking water, eating sensibly, and going to sleep.

After the initial 24-48hrs, lose about 1 pound of compacted waste per day

Maximum results with eating right and exercising 15-20 pounds in 15 days.

LipoCleanse 15 Day Detox

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$25.00Sale Price