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New Client Special $149- Cavitation

If you are a new client, book this session. It includes an in-depth consultation, a body assessment, your initial treatment according to your concerns and the technician's recommendation, and detox or body wrap.

New Clients only - Fat Dissolve

If you are a new client, book this session.


Fat dissolve is a powerful formula that dissolves fat fast naturally and removes your stubborn belly fat. It uses infusions of vitamins, enzymes, hormones, and plant extracts to tighten skin and remove excess fat.

New Client - Butt Enhancement Special

Our vacuum suction technology is used to naturally enhance the butt, without any surgery or downtime. Wear comfortable clothes on the day of your appointment. Pain medicine may be taken 45 mins- 1hr prior to your appointment. Please bring your properly fitted butt lifter or choose to be fitted for one during your appointment, but having one is required to achieve maximum results.

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